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Mr Jeff App
Mr Jeff App
Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash Required $100.00
Total Investment Up to $1,000,000
Total Units (Worldwide) 2,500
Year Founded 2015

Mr Jeff App

Mr Jeff App

Mr Jeff is revolutionising the traditional laundry and dry cleaning sectors by offering a unique franchise opportunity that combines the advantages of an offline laundrette with the online world. That is unique because technology and user convenience are our basis to grow.

With these two points, our operational simplicity and proprietary know-how, we have become one of the fastest growing digital franchises and are able to successfully manage over 1,200 stores around the globe, have over 1M app users and be present in over 30 countries.

Mr Jeff franchises are an exclusive investment opportunity:

  • Web and App: Customers can place orders at the store, on the apps and on the website. This increases the range of customers and their recurrence, since there are users who find it more convenient to order from their mobile phone.
  • Home delivery: Mr Jeff laundrettes offer home delivery. This makes us attractive to those customers who would not go to a traditional physical laundrette. On the franchisee side, we also have all the operational technology to make pick up and delivery tasks efficient with the Jeff Drivers app.
  • Subscription service: Like other leading technology companies such as Amazon, Netflix or Apple, Mr Jeff offers a monthly subscription service. This helps build customer loyalty by ensuring they return every week and making us part of their routine.
  • Processes and Jeff Suite: Through the remote connection of the machines and the Jeff Suite (our own management system), our processes are optimised to ensure the maximum number of washes while maintaining quality and a positive user experience. In addition, Jeff Suite optimises a range of operations for the franchisee including invoicing, payments, orders, subscriptions, financial management, P&L, logistics and dashboards.
  • Team of professionals: we have an exceptional team to support you in your operations. We have professionals coming from companies such as Uber, Coca-Cola and Google to offer a quality service to customers and franchisees.
  • A complete vision: Jeff’s vision is to create a platform for wellbeing services, so we offer franchise opportunities in the fitness sector through Fit Jeff, in the beauty sector with Beauty Jeff and in the massage and relaxation sector with Relax Jeff. For our Partners, this represents the opportunity to invest in something bigger that can represent economies of scale benefits such as brand recognition and cross-selling.

Likewise, we offer all the services and advantages of a traditional offline laundrette with our technological approach.

  • Equipment: We use high-tech equipment with a home automation control system and remote connection. This allows us to optimise the process with metrics.
  • Certified suppliers: We have agreements with world recognised suppliers to guarantee our Partners and customers an experience that is in line with our quality standards.
  • Management software: Through our optimised review system, franchisees can receive opinions on what users think about their laundry services. Thus, they can adjust the operations of the premises to improve each day. In addition, this software provides easy business management with real-time data.

For all these reasons, Jeff is a great investment opportunity in the Middle East. We are looking for qualified multi-unit franchisees with:

  • Long term vision and successful track record
  • Extensive knowledge of the market and are customer oriented
  • An investment capacity from 1M USD
  • Ambition to develop one or more business lines in an agreed territory
  • An understanding of technology and its benefits in improving business models in today's world
  • The ability to work as a team under a franchise system
  • Experience in people management

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